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Society of the Evening Star

S.O.T.E.S. Misson Statement...
In order to forge a better understanding of the universal language of spirituality and to break down the barriers between religions, the mission of the Society of the Evening Star is to provide an educational facility, library, housing and outdoor green space for the elder leaders of world faiths and minority religions to practice, to teach and to mentor students who are searching for spiritual answers. S.O.T.E.S. firmly believes that such teaching will assist in realizing the potential within us, will manifest a better life for all within the community and will help remove many of the obstacles that prevent the enjoyment of a fuller and richer life.
What we do...  
  • S.O.T.E.S. stocks a library of culturally diverse and educational materials. Members donate additional materials that are kept at the Center.

  • Hygeia is a healing circle whose participants are dedicated to Hygeiastudying and practicing the Healing Arts. Hygeia's underlying philosophy is that an individuals health includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being; and that to be truly healed implies that one becomes whole or sound. Through Hygeia, S.O.T.E.S. provides a place for people of different faiths to gather with the common goal of alleviating some of the pain and suffering in our daily lives by exploring and practicing healing techniques together. Methods may vary, but include Herbalism, meditation, massage, chanting and prayer, to name a few.
  Helping those in need:

  • S.O.T.E.S. sponsors lectures and classes on culture and world traditions. Our current schedule of events includes, but is not limited to: Cabala (Jewish Mysticism), Animal Rehabilitation, Meditation, Native American Traditions and Beliefs, the cycles of nature, Celtic knot drawing, mask making, Herbalism and more...

  • Many S.O.T.E.S. members voluntarily staff the Acts of Kindness (AOK) charity. A.O.K. members raise money for food for the homeless, support no-kill animal shelters, visit the elderly in hospitals and nursing homes, offset funeral expenses for those who cannot afford them, collect food and clothing and staff a thrift store to help those in the community who are in need.

  • S.O.T.E.S. is able to offer a legal umbrella for small groups of like mind to be legally recognized, and we have the ability to charter affiliate organizations that share in our mission and goals.

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